Nicole Eagle

Nicole isn’t your a-typical Betazoid She has luscious Red hair and Baby Blue eyes. She is married to John Eagle and is co-owner of Eagle’s Antiques.


Born on Betazed Nicole moved to Earth with her parents when she was 3. She is the youngest of two children due to her mother being unable to conceive and carry another child to full term. Her older brother Andrew was adopted two years prior to Nicole’s mother falling pregnant with her ‘miracle’ baby Nicole.

Whilst holidaying with her parents in the forest of North America Nicole saw a young boy stealing food from their kitchen, her parents took the boy in and nursed him back to health, with no sign of his parents they adopted him and made him part of their family much to Nicole’s delight but Andrew’s dislike.

As Nicole grew she and John became inseparable, in school they became quite the crime partnership breaking into teacher’s rooms to retrieve items that had been confiscated from students. They were never caught and the other students never knew their identities either. As they grew their brother/sister relationship moved on to that of boyfriend/girlfriend and they continued to develop their criminal careers along with it, stealing more or more valuable items and accruing themselves a fortune along the way.

Once married they tried on several occasions for a baby only to have those hopes dashed by Nicole suffering a series of miscarriages. Deciding to retire and settle on Port Royale station Nicole has finally been able to relax and enjoy herself.

Nicole has recently given birth to twin daughters two months early, after a hostage situation and enduced birth. She’s now back aboard Port Royale and recovering at her husband’s side.