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Profile Overview

D. M. MacIntyre "Mac"

Terran (Human) Male

Character Information






Donald MacIntyre



Don comes from Earth, but he mainly considers himself a nomad. His father was a businessman for a corporation that contracted terraforming operations for The United Federation of Planets, and his mother was a writer of some considerable talent. This allowed for the family to move easily from planet to planet, and it allowed Don an extensive view of the Federation and it’s member worlds.

After experiencing the fallout from the Dominion War in the form of destruction and lost lives, Don decided that he wanted to join Starfleet. Like most of his generation, he was imbued with a strong desire to help the Federation avoid another such devastatiing war.


Born:  Detroit, MI.  Earth, 001
Graduated from Ben Bova High School, Bova Plateau Mars in 2379.  Varsity member of the Bova Buccaneers Parrisses Squares Team–defensive position.

Entered Starfleet Academy Psi Epislon III annex, “Autumn Semester” 2379.  Majored in Starfleet Security and Starfleet Tactical and all associated requirements.   Out of a class of 109, Mac was 37th.

Graduated 2383.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2383 - 2388 Security specialist Starbase