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Miki Walker

Human Male

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Lieutenant Junior Grade


Mikasi Walker



Mikasi was born on Dorvan V the middle of three children, he was born before the DMZ was formed and lived on Dorvan V until the beginning of the Maquis conflict with the Cardassian’s.. Mikasi became an orphan due to that war. Mikasi is descended from the Native American Tribes of Earth and this is fairly obvious to most people who meet him and know of the race on Earth. Mikasi as a young child showed an ability to find trouble with great ease. It used to drive his parents nuts, if trouble was to be found by people in their village or pranks were going on, usually it was a fair bet that Mikasi was behind it along with several of his friends.

Mikasi has never truly enjoyed having his full first name used, his grandfather for whom he is named shortened his name to Miki pronounced as you might say Mikey. The shortened name/nickname has stayed with him through his life. Calling him Mikasi is extremely unlikely to get a response from him. Mainly because it would take him several moments to realise someone was addressing him.

Miki was 13 when the Cardassian agression resulted in the creation of the Maquis something that both of his parents were involved in. Their grandparents after several attempts by the Cardassians to seek retribution against Maquis members by hurting or killing their families, chose to remove Miki and his siblings from Dorvan V and return to Earth the mother land so to speak. This was not a decision that either of them wanted to take, they had made their home as their family before them had on Dorvan V and quitting the colony was a bit like admitting defeat but his grandparents wished to ensure their safety. They did not care what the other colonists called them.

Mikasi found adapting to life back on Earth not so easy, struggling with the different cultures and for that matter the different races that lived their compared to the relatively small community he had lived in back home. He would often find his mouth and mispeaking around other species lead to him getting bloodied physically. It wasn’t that he was racist, it was just that he did not know how to speak to people who weren’t Human. Believing at times that other races would react to him as the Cardassians did.

His parents deaths at the hands of Dominion forces in 2373 would have a profound affect on him. With his brother in starfleet academy seeking to complete his studies and join the fleet at large, Miki found himself in the position of being the responsible brother for once. Losing their parents in the three day massacre and never being able to bury their bodies or grief them in the traditions of their people Mikasi struggled to grief for his parents. He didn’t understand why someone would wipe out a movement even if he understood that his parents and the people they worked with and for were little better than terrorists to both the Federation and the Union.


Mikasi was offered a place in the academy of starfleet based on his school tests and the starfleet appitude tests that he was asked to take. He never believed that he would be accepted to the academy thinking that people would see him as to much of a loose canon with anger issues. Not that he had either of those problems, he just thought that people would see them in him. Mikasi as confident as he is now back at the time of his acceptance did not have the same believe in himself as others had in him.

Joining starfleet was a turning point of sorts, it gave him the direction he need in his life and inevitably it also introduced him to his wife. Samantha Dawson as she was known back then was a waitress and very popular member of academy auxillary staff. She was at the time trying to put herself through art school. Sam was initially not interested in his advances and overtures, he was just another starfleet cadet who had an annoying interest in her. It was only after a year of never giving up that she finally caved into a request from him to go on a date with Miki. To start with it was little more than a bit of fun, he would end up going off to a life of exploration and adventure while she remained on her. She also unlike him realised his eye would wander from her occasionally to people of his own sex. She understood that their was something different about him but that he had either not admitted it or was closeted out of fear of what people would think of him.

Upon graduation from starfleet academy’s security division, a ceremony that Sam was present for along with his brother sister and grandparents, Miki was assigned to starship duty as a junior officer aboard a Galaxy class starship. Sam reluctantly agreed to join him on said starship as its co allowed for family to join their spouses on board ship. Within two years of graduation Mikasi and Sam would be married by the captain owing to their distance from any given starfleet installation or Federation colony.

At the age of 26 Mikasi was reassigned to the USS Sval as assistant department head of security and tactical. The department head Lt Jasper served as a mentor of sorts, training the impetuous junior officer and in many ways setting him up to one day take over as the head of security from him. Jasper was an older man, much older and someone who was stuck in following the regulations to the letter. He was frustrated by Miki’s inability to do the same and was determined to get the younger man to find a reason to follow it.

The Sval would engage with raiders and pirates on a semi regular basis over the next two years during routine patrols of Federation and allied shipping lanes. Mikasi would earn a citation for bravery in the face of danger during one such mission, when one of his team was hit by shrapnel from a bomb meant to kill his entire team. Mikasi refused to allow the young enlisted man to die alone, so rather than leave the marine behind to face a fate he was sure would be worse than death. He carried said marine across three miles of hostile terrain back to their transport site.

The young marine’s name was Jason Evans, Mikasi had done it for no other reason than to be a good human being and believed leaving someone behind to be a horrible decision. Jason Evans suffered the loss of his right leg just above the knee, miserable and believing that his career was at an end he harboured quite a lot of anger all directed at the officer who had refused to let him die on that moon. Mikasi was made aware that the young marine was refusing to attend phsyical therapy which would allow a prosthetic to be fitted. One night after the man again no showed, Mikasi showed up at the young mans shared quarters and demanded to know what the hell was wrong with him. He was alive, maybe not as whole as he had once been but did he have any idea what it was like to lose someone in a senseless act of violence Refusing to take no for an answer and telling him if he wasn’t going to hop down their himself he’d throw the stubborn man over his shoulder and carry him down there. Jason chose to take a swing at him so ended up being carried down their against his will.

After this one event Mikasi chose to attend further meetings with Jason and the medical staff and if duty stopped him then Sam would take to escorting Jason to the meeting. Jason demanded to know whether they felt that he needed a babysitter and eventually Mikasi asked whether he felt that they did this out of duty/guilt or sympathy or whether they were just trying to help him get back on his feet.

Romance wasn’t exactly on the cards until Mikasi came back home after a long day on duty to find Jason and his wife getting heated on the sofa. Rather than kick the crap out of Jason he asked whether he could join them. At first he humoured Sam as he could see that she clearly cared for Jason, gradually however he came to realise that the two of them shared a bond with Jason. The captain of the ship at the time came to seek them out to find out what was going on, after the xo had spotted Jason and Sam in the Hydroponics bay sharing a moment. Though the co was not infused by the idea of his security chief and an enlisted man being together he didn’t forbid it choosing to believe that Sam would keep the two in check and be a buffer for them.


As you might guess Mikasi’s home life is complicated and confusing to those who are not aware of the dual roles he plays. He is happily married to two different people in what they call a triad. He has two children, both of them are his whether biologically his or not it doesnt matter to him. He is a recognised parent to both children. He dotes on Marcus and Mia equally.


He maintains a close relationship with his brother and his sister as well as their children and his grandparents. Relations between him and his tribe back on Dorvan V are strained as are those of his brother and the tribe. The elders feel like they are dishonouring the memory of their parents by working with an organisation that did very little to help the Maquis when the Dominion was trying to wipe the Maquis from the map.

Heritage: Miki is very proud of his lineage and still practices his peoples rituals and believes. Though neither of his partners are from the tribe they have never complained about him teaching Marcus of the stories of old.