Lieutenant Junior Grade Anson Bryant

Anson or Ani for short, is a bit of a know it all. He loves to show everyone how smart he is. He is open to new ideas, as long as they are intelligent. He has the personality of work hard and play hard. And chasing after the ladies. He can be a nice guy, but typically he wants something from you.



Anson was raised in Corpus Christi Texas. He was born on May 14, 2374 to Michael and Rita Bryant. He is a single child, and thinks he is owed everything. His parents spoiled him a little to much. He had an uneventful childhood, which fueled his anger.

He felt that he was destined for greatness, he hated being the smartest kid in his class. He was felt that he needed to escape. Anson had a hard time making meaningful long term relationships. He was to busy with the hear and now to worry about long term friendships. He was living Corpus Christie, and no one was going to stop him.

As soon as Anson graduated high school, he immediately applied to join starfleet academy, despite his bad attitude, he was accepted to the academy to become a starfleet officer.

Academy Days:

The academic side of the academy was easy. But the social aspect was tiresome, and hated and resented helping his lower classmates. His instructors forced him, to assist his under classmates, saying it would it be good social skill practice for him.

Anson decided given his lack of patience for idiots, that he would prefer to work alone, he joined Starship Operations. His professors wanted him to be an engineer, but he held his ground. And continued in starship operations.

Anson ranked first in his class, and wondered if he deserved it. No one came close to taking first from him. He hoped Starfleet had some good operation or engineers in the fleet. After completing the academy he was assigned to the USS Frontier.

USS Frontier:

Anson was upset that his professor pulled a few strings and made sure that Anson was not given a department head out of the academy. Anson filled grievance against instructor, and was assigned to the USS Frontier as Operations Officer. He had the grades, and some of his underclassmen, were given department lead positions.

Anson started his career, and quickly proved he was the smartest man on the USS Frontier, and burning a few bridges in the process. He was a pissed off that he was overlooked and that his instructor at the academy had filed a motion not to give him a commission. Ani won his grievance, and was assigned to the USS Frontier.

He spent the next four years, proving how good he was, and rubbing people off the wrong way. Ani has the mentality of, do it right, or get out of my way. A lot of the times, he would tell others to leave, and do the work himself.

This lead to a few altercations, and Passover again for promotion to Assistant Chief Operations Officer. Ani and his department head, had a talk about how to change Ani’s perception to the crew, and get him on track for promotion. They worked together to help mold him.

His department head, saw a lot of potential in him. He just needed to be molded a little bit, and polished up to be a great officer. And someday, a department head.

By 2400 and with the Blessing of his Department Head, Ani applied for the Assistant Chief Operations Officer position aboard the USS North Star, and was given the position. Ani tried to think positive, but deep in his mind. He hoped the operations team was squared away. Otherwise he would have to find away to square them away, without hurting their feelings.



Ani looks to take on new risks, not in only his personal life but professionally as well. He is always willing to take risk, or try something new. He is very ambitious. His desire to see the job though is a commitment to his level of commitment and dedication to his job.

Ani can be rough around the edges, but if he needs something from you, he can be very charming and sweet talking. Despite the fact he hardly shows it, Ani is very loyal to those he works with.

Ani is very cooperative, and loves working for the common good. He is goal oriented, and very devoted to his duty, to his crew and to those he loves.


Even though Ani is open to changing things in his professional career, he is very fixed and determined about his personal life, he can not stand it when people offer to help him improve his personal life. Anson is not a fan of counselors.

Ani can be rude and straight to the point with anyone he talks too. He hates small chat. If he is not trying to get down you’re pants, or sharing a beer with you. He feels that you are wasting his time. He prefers to be hitting on the ladies after hours, or playing billiards.

Ani can be a little petty, especially on the little things. He is not a fan of small talk, or any other subtle things or time filler activities. He works hard, and he plays hard. And he loves that mentality.

Ani often feels like he is the most intelligent man in the room, which makes him ignorant and naive. It also makes him very sanctimonious. He does not try to be a jerk, he just does not like petty chats, or having to dumb things down to make others understand. He has no patience for that. Anson is very vindictive, and has no problem showing you how vindictive he can be.


To have everyone realize his greatness.


Art, reading, sports, outdoors, collecting and Animals.


Martial Arts, Billiards, Poker, Gambling, Fishing, Surfing, Dancing, Swimming and Camping.