Lieutenant Cody Barnett

Cody Michael Barnett is a scientist who enjoys jigsaw puzzles. He is brilliant man with a kind heart. He struggles showing his sensitivity. He tends to show more of a dull type personality, as a defense mechanism. He tends to be be a workaholic. He does have a bad habit of trying to avoid away missions, he prefers to work in his science lab. He feels his contributions to Starfleet can best be served working in his lab. Cody has been to be a little sneaky at times, and avoids confrontation when possible. His former department head worked with him about going out on missions, and seeing what is out their in space. Cody is working to overcome his insecurities and applied for a department level position. He was promoted to Chief Science Officer of the USS Standing Bear.


The Early Years

Cody was born on January 7th, 2364. Onboard the USS Nightshade. He was raised by his father, and his mother . His parents were from Tera Nova, but both were serving as diplomatic officers in Starfleet. They spent a lot of time traveling from planet to planet.

His mother found a stable position on Andor for a few years, before deciding to retire from the diplomatic corps. And returning home to Tera Nova. Their parents, wanted their children to know, what home was before they made their career paths.

Cody always thought of the USS Nightshade as home, it was not easy for him to leave the comfort of the ship and the live on a frozen wasteland, known as Andor. He really resented living on Andor.

High School Years

Cody got is first job working as medical receptionist at age of 16 on the planet of Tera Nova. At first Cody thought he might be interested in a medical profession, but while working at the medical facility, he was able to assist a science labs, and discovered his true calling was science. He changed his focus his sophomore year from Medical to science, and prepared to join Starfleet.

Cody graduated High school in the summer of 2382, and enrolled into Starfleet Academy in the fall of 2382. Prior to leaving, he quit his job as a medical receptionist, and prepared himself, to be becoming a Starfleet cadet. He ended his relationship with Callie Prichard, and tried his best to focus on his career.

Academy Years

Academy life was pretty easy for Cody, he spent a lot of time on the USS Nightshade as a child, he had no issues adapting. He was a little lonely his freshman year, but was able to over come that and focus on his studies.

Cody decided to study Astrometrics and Stellar Cartography. Even though he liked helping the medical lab with biology, when he joined he felt his true calling was astrometrics, and as a backup he decided to take stellar cartography as a minor studies.

Cody spent the next four years focusing on his choices, they were a little harder than he anticipated, but he got through the program and graduated the academy as an ensign.

Relationship with Callie Prichard

At the age of 16 Cody started to date Callie Prichard in 2380, they dated till he graduated high school in 2382. They had a rocky relationship, with her wanting to stay on Tera Nova, and him wanting yo go into Starfleet.

At the age of 18 and just graduating high school, Cody made the decision to end his relationship, and first he thought he was okay with it, but in the spring of 2383 and as a first year cadet, he started to regret that decision. By then it was to late, Callie started to date someone else, and the two of them never kept in touch after that.


Strengths & Weaknesses

Cody is a very reserved man, ever since his break up with Callie, has has not really opened up to anyone despite having a compassionate heart.

He is brave and a brilliant man, that tends to focus more providing a greater good service in the lab, so that end he can be a little rude and almost seem cowardly. But in reality, its easier to avoid disappointment in an environment he feels safe in.

He has the capability of accepting input from others, but he typically thinks he is the smartest man in the room. And if you leave him alone in the lab, he can fix most problems. His former co took him out of his comfort zone and promoted him after one, he saw great potential in Cody, and wanted him express it in a more positive manner.

Cody tends to value the opinions of others, even if he has a chip on his shoulder, thinking he is the smartest man in the room.

He is a very compassionate man and hopes to trust in others down the road. He has never forgiven himself for breaking things off with Callie.

The main reason why he allowed his co to help him break his comfort zone, is because he hates the man he became after his breakup. He wants to open up and try again. He gives a genuine effort in trying.

Some aspects of Cody life can best be described as dull and a little sneaky. His fall back scenario is to silently sneak off, when no one is noticing.


To overcome his fears, and trust in another. He is tired of being alone.

Hobbies & Interests


Golf, jigsaw puzzles, social card games, watching sport. jigsaw puzzles, baking, camping, binge-watching classic 21st century movies, checking news stories and swimming.


Museums, attending musical productions, attending theater productions.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Chief Science OfficerUSS Standing Bear