Lieutenant Keri Kelea

Keri has just been assigned to the USS Atlantis as Chief Counsellor. She can also double up as the ship's Archaeologist and Anthropologist.


Keri was born aboard the civilian Trill science vessel Reemal a few months after her parents first arrived aboard ship. She grew up alongside the only other child onboard Yulin, the two becoming firm friends as soon as they were old enough to play together.

As she grew Keri learned all there was to know from her parents before becoming an apprentice under her Yulin’s father in medical as well as taking turns around other departments aboard the ship.

Keri and Yulin had always been close and even though they denied it to their parents there was a romantic spark between them from their early teens which eventually culminated in the two taking each other’s virginity during their prom night back on Trill. They remained together until 2372 when they had a final romantic night together before Keri transferred from the Reemal to join Starfleet.

It wasn’t until ten months later that Keri discovered she was pregnant with Yulin’s child. As much as she wanted to tell him she kept the pregnancy to herself as she didn’t want it to interfere with his career.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Cadet Freshman Grade
CadetStarfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
CounsellorStarfleet Medical
23782380EnsignArchaeologist/AnthropologistUSS Nimitz
CounsellorUSS Saratoga
23832386Lieutenant Junior GradeUSS CharlestonAnthropologist
Lieutenant Junior Grade
USS PheonixAssistant Counsellor
Chief Counsellor/A and AUSS Atlantis