Captain Yulin Rael

Yulin Rael was an engineer with the Trill civilian star fleet until the Dominion War forced him to transfer to Starfleet. Born Yulin Joral, he was the second host to the Rael symbiont. He stayed in Starfleet when the war ended and became Chief Engineer of the USS Saturn in 2381. In mid-2389, he was offered command of the science vessel USS Atlantis.


Yulin Joral was born in 2350 on board the Trill science vessel Reemall.  His parents were officers aboard the non-Starfleet ship, his mother the scientist and his father the medical officer. He spent the first several years of his life aboard the ship or on planets that they visited. From a young age, he was given responsibilities aboard the ship. He finally visited Trill for the first time at age 7. While he loved his species’ homeworld, he strongly preferred living and working in space. However, he also became fascinated with symbionts and decided he wanted to be joined one day. From then on, his family helped prepare him for the eventual tests.

As a young child, he spent a school year on Trill, as his parents wanted him to get a proper education and learn to socialize with people his age. There he met X, who became his best friend.

As a pre-teen, Yulin followed neither of his parents and shadowed the Reemall’s chief engineer. He maintained a love for all things science, but became fascinated with starship systems. By the time he was eighteen, he became the chief engineer (at this point, his mother was CO). He continued to stay in touch with X, making a point to meet up her every few months.

In 2374, at age 24, qualified civilian crews from throughout the Federation was strongly encouraged to transfer to Starfleet to help in the war against the Dominion. Yulin was given a battlefield commission at the rank of Staff Warrant Officer and made an engineer on the USS Venture.

In 2375, Yulin returned briefly to Trill, to be notified that he was selected to be joined. An elder Trill stateswoman, Lorana Rael, was near death, and she agreed to pass the Rael symbiont to Yulin. He stayed on Trill for a month to become accustomed to the new life inside of him. His parents, who still commanded the Reemall, helped ensure he was okay.

Once properly acclimated, Yulin returned to the Venture as Assistant Chief Engineer, with a promotion to Master Warrant Officer, a position he retained until the end of the war. He was encouraged to join Starfleet properly, and spent a year at Starfleet Academy before returning to the Venture, now as a Lieutenant (jg). At around this time, he began listening to the impulses of his Rael personality and wanted to look into Command.

In 2381, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and transferred to USS Saturn as Chief Engineer. The ship traveled the Raeyan Transit Corridor and continued missions of exploration and scientific discovery. It was on board the Saturn that Yulin met Cassandra Reyes, a civilian botanist aboard. The two began a romantic relationship and married three years into Yulin’s assignment. In 2386, Yulin was promoted to Commander and became the Saturn’s First Officer. Three years later, he was offered his own command, the USS Atlantis, a dedicated science vessel set to operate galactic south of the Inconnu Expanse.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Engineer’s MateTrill Science Vessel Reemall
Chief EngineerTrill Science Vessel Reemall
Staff Warrant Officer
EngineerUSS Venture (NCC-71854)
Master Warrant Officer
Assistant Chief Engineering OfficerUSS Venture (NCC-71854)
Cadet Senior Grade
Engineering CadetStarfleet Academy
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Assistant Chief Engineering OfficerUSS Venture (NCC-71854)
Assistant Chief Engineering OfficerUSS Venture (NCC-71854)
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Engineering OfficerUSS Saturn (NCC-28400)
Executive OfficerUSS Saturn (NCC-28400)
Commanding OfficerUSS Atlantis (NCC-81424)