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Profile Overview


Android agender/Non-Binary

Character Information






Noble, loyal, honest. Tactically sound in Engineering, and a cunning Warrior on the ground.


Character Information

Name NX-002

Gender agender/Non-Binary

Species Android

Born 2373

Physical Appearance

Height 5 foot 7

Weight 120 lbs

Hair Colour Blonde

Eye Colour Blue

Physical Description: Muscular, Athletic, in very good shape Human Skin Tone


Spouse None

Children None

Father None

Mother None

Brother None

Sister None

Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview:

Noble, loyal, honest. Tactically sound in Engineering, and a cunning Warrior on the ground.

+Strengths & -Weaknesses:

+Super Strengths

+No fall Damage

+In Built type 1 phaser In built in Left arm

+Romulan Cloaking device

+Prototype rocket jets in feet and pam of hands

+No LifeSign

+False emotion



To Command a Starship one day. And hopefully make other android or follow in ambassador spock’s footsteps




Love emotion

Hate emotion

Human world war 1 + 2 + 3

Personal History


Nx-002 Was being built as the same time as the uss prometheus but was even more secret than the starship. It was Built to assist in the dominion war in the Intellage department.After all the building and training he was ready only the CO and XO of the Intellage department knew about him the others were told it was a cadet that completed the academy and was a human Name James StrangeLove that could be a asset to the department nobody believed that. But the Command team was trustworthy and they stuck with that.

They all gather for they assignments in the briefing room on the holodeck.NX-002 was assigned with finding out if the Orion syndicate was giving info about the federation and helping them with making ketracel-white. They all disagreed with this but a order was aorder.He kept in concat with the CO Off the uss prometheus and asked where they were off to and if he could hitch a ride due to their assignment taking them near the Orion syndicate HQ.

And he Accept it but along the way it was attacked by a Romulan d’deridex battleship and he thought back to his training and began his clocking device. Only 1 Romulan fleet admiral was told about NX-002 and what they needed. Shortly after NX-002 was ready he had a nasty accedunt.

He Knew the starship was on its way to the Tal Shiar. He used his intellage training to override their transport systems but they thought of that.He Also remained himself he didn’t need to breathe when the Romulans attacked and tried to take key systems he ran to the shuttlecraft bay that was under the deck he was on, crawling through the jefferies tubes he bumped into the CO who was looking for him he wanted to show himself but he knew he couldn’t when he got to the shuttle bay.

The Crew was running all over the place the computer spoke saying “Warning Life Support system Critical on all decks,Abandon ship” and after that it activated general order 13( Abandon ship). NX-002 Still under Clock Opened the shuttle bay doors and set all the shuttle on auto destinations and with fake life signs.

And with that off they went the Romulan d’deridex saw it and went after. NX-002 got out of his shoes and quickly Jumped out off the force field stopping everything going out and the clocking device stopped and on went the jet rockets and pushed himself onto of the d’deridex and went around looking for a shuttler bay, air lock or power conduct. He found a power conduct and tapped into their commissions and when the boarding party returned he used their transporter beam to beam into a cupboard.

He Stayed in there for 48 hours to come up with a plan. And he had nothing he decided to keep himself hidden using the clocking device. After 5 Months of staying abord and being well hidden the Romulan d’deridex came into a sector of federation space where the war left a mark there was a outpost that had been left. The Romulans was tasked with finding blueprints about the USS prometheus.

He Changed his face to look like a Romulan and hacked himself onto the crew and to get himself the away team. But the cupboard he was staying in only got 1 visitor once a day and he kept himself away from the others Nx-002 jumped out ready to attack but the Romulan passed out with shock NX-002 grabbed him by his feet and dragged him into the cupboard, bent the mop to make handcuffs and used a piece of his sock as a gag and that was done he said to himself very quietly “It’s time to play dress up….Oh god i’m talking to myself”.

Romulan NX-002 hacked into a console in the hallway he add himself with a made up name and reported to the transporter room the chief security Romulan officer was waiting for his officer’s to arrive and NX-002 was late by two seconds and he shouted down the hallway NX-002 replied with “Sorry Sir i was held up” he had a think about that and then replied with don’t do it again and handed him a Romulan phaser, he then walked with the officer to the transporter pad and stood next to him when he send energise they transported themselves to the rundown transporter room.

The Romulan Officer said to split up and handed everyone a assignment Romulan NX-002 Was tasked with checking the medical bay. After they were all dismissed Romulan NX-002 Headed to Sickbay when he arrived he checked the EMH MK I it was damaged but not far gone he bagan to fix it and removed all the medical protocols and made a few new ones.

When the Romulan Security officer wanted a report Romulan NX-002 said the truth “There’s nothing here sir but scrap metal” the security officer replayed with “understood we’re leaving” and Romulan NX-002 Sent the EMH MK I that know looked him and acted like him to the beam in site but when the ship went to warp it would stop working. He fixed the outpost sensors and communions when he read the starship was 5 light years away he opened a channel to starfleet Intellage department informing him off his location and he gathered the wrong Intellage.

The Uss Tom Jones Nebla Class was sent to pick him up and return him to earth. They wanted to know who he was and why he was there but he kept on saying no when they returned to earth. NX-002 gived a full run down to the CO and XO and continued to server until the war was over.

After the war Finished he asked the CO if he could join starfleet academy and serve aboard a starship like his model Data and it was granted.


NX-002 Was a dominion Intelligent Andriod

Service Record

2373-2375 !!!Restricted!!!

2000-2373 !!!Restricted!!!

2375 -(Your Simm Date) Starfleet Academy Cadet- Ensign

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2375 - 2378 Cadet StarFleet Acdameny
2373 - 2375 !!!Restricted!!! !!!Restricted!!!