Commander Esmée Haas

Esmée is very dedicated to her family and to her work. She has a wonderful personality, and is a good listener. She is currently raising her daughter alone. She is use to hard work and being both mother and father to her daughter and to those who work under her. Esmée is loyal to a fault, she is hardworking and dedicated. She will be the first to tell you, nothing is more important than her family. She hates giving up on anything. And believe most things can be fixed with time. Esmée biggest regret is the ending of her relationship with Toby Carlsson. She puts the feelings of others above her own. She wanted to end the relationship with him, to be fair to him. They were constantly apart. And she believes everyone deserves happiness. She never moved on. She remains a single parent.


Physical Description: Esmée is average height for a human female. She is on the slender side only weighing in at 54 kg. She has no visible scars, but does have a lucky frog tattoo on her ankle. She likes to think she is taking care of herself. Her and Mila can be seen working out together in the gym.

Spouse: Single
Children: Mila Lotte Haas-Carlsson, 14
Father: Lucas Lotte Haas, 57
Mother: Sophie Eva Haas, 56
Brother(s): Levi Lotte Haas, 37
Sister(s): Keely Lotte Haas, 32
Other Family: N/A

Personal History:

Life in Brielle, Netherlands.

Esmée comes from a Dutch family background. She was born September 18, 2353. She has ties in the following cultural influences Dutch, German, Norwegian and Swedish in her ancestry. Her Germanic background is evident in her daily life. She is loyal to a fault. She was raised in Brielle, Netherlands. Her parents were never served in starfleet nor did her older brother or younger sister.

Her family owns a restaurant in Brielle, Netherlands. She made her family sad, when she decided to not to join in the family business. As a teenager she helped the family business, but when she was old enough to Starfleet, she left. With a letter of recommendation from her prime minister, and superintendent, she was accepted into the officer’s program.

Before entering Starfleet, she was raised in this small community, and attended the local high school in the area. She primarily from an all Dutch school. She was fascinated by alien cultures. From a young age, she started to learn about other cultures, like Vulcan, Andorian and Tellarites. She learned about the Birth of Federation, and the Federation from then to now.

She was 18 when the Dominion attacked Earth. From that day she promised herself, that she would join Starfleet to protect the Federation. After graduating high school’s she immediately unless City in Starfleet Academy, against her parents wishes. However for the safety of the cadets, alternate locations were chosen, and Esmée went to Andoria.

Academy Days on Andoria

Esmée worked hard in the academy. She studied general sciences and focusing in archaeology. Since her parents were not supportive of her decision to join starfleet, she opted to take the academy at Bajor, in the Alpha Quadrant. Beyond her parents not approving, she was eager to visit an alien world. So when the option came open, she jumped on in it.

In the Summer of 2372, Esmée boarded a flight to Andoria and by that fall she started as first year cadet. Her workload was pretty heavy. She had to memorize a lot of technical details. About rock formations, not just from worlds, but from asteroids, nebulas, and how they all acted different. What radiation did to the decay process, and how gravity affect the decay or build up process. She managed to get it all down, and past her first year with flying colors.

Her first year was a struggle, but once she got the hang of academy life, she adapted. On the little down time they had, she explored Andoria, and was deeply impressed with the cultural, despite their aggressive nature. She quickly adapted, and the local population took her in. She spent all summer on Andoria, exploring and preparing for her second year at the academy.

By the Fall of 2372, she started as a second year cadet, She continued her studies. By this time she was well acclimated to academy life. She continued to excel in her field. The Dominion War was spreading fear and panic. And the Andorians, were inching to get in the fight. Andorians prided themselves on the ability to fight.

Everywhere she went on Andoria, she would hear about the arena fights and their grand champions. Which was a little worrisome to her, but the planet was amazing, especially for being an arctic wasteland, as she liked to say.

Esmée continued with her studies, some of her fellow cadets, noticed she was not dating. She was 19 and single, and had not even looked at the idea of a real relationship. One of her fellow cadets who happened to be Andoria, set her up on a blind date with Toby Carlsson. Another fellow human, for similar reasons to Esmée, decided to attend the academy.

By the fall of 2373, Esmée and Toby had started to date. Also both cadets had started as third year cadets. The third year proved to be very difficult, the young couple struggled through their studies and her pregnancy.

Esmée learned in December of 2381, that she was pregnant. She continued on with her studies, but her academy professors were concerned she would fall behind in her studies.

By the fall of 2380 Esmée gave birth to her daughter Mila Lotte Haas-Carlsson. Since she was not married Toby Carlsson, he had to be present for the birth of Mila to be named her father. By that winter she returned and began her her studies as a 4rth year cadet. She had to play catch up, it was a struggle but she managed to complete the academy on time.

After completing the academy in the Summer of 2381, Toby was assigned to the USS Calixo. The distance was hard on both of them. But they were to manage. Esmée was assigned to Starbase 341. The young couple tried to be stationed together, but sadly they were not.

Life on Starbase 341

Esmée was raising Mila on her own, with Toby being assigned to the USS Calixo, it was hard for the couple to stay in contact. She was stuck on the station, while he was galloping across the galaxy. Due to the fact she was a single parent, Esmée noticed it was hard for her to put on any away team missions or important missions.

It took her nearly 2 ½ years to receive her first promotion since the academy. She had a little resentment towards Toby. He was on a fast track to promotion. He was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and made Department head in the Summer of 2380..

Esmée was jealous of Toby, but her first responsibility was to her daughter. So she took the slower career track and eventually was promoted in the late fall of 2382. She was promoted to Assistant Chief Science Officer.

Esmée felt her career was stagnant while Toby’s continued to excel. She was committed to the relationship and committed to raising their daughter. She had worked with a therapist. In 2382 Mila started kindergartners grade school on the station.

By the winter of 2380 Toby and Esmée had called it quits. He was promoted to first officer and the rank of Lieutenant Commander. The distance was to much for them. It appeared Starfleet was not going to allow them to be assigned together. Esmée was promoted to Chief Science Officer and held that role for the next two years, when she was offered a new position.

In 2385 Esmée was promoted to Lieutenant Commander, and assigned to Rear Admiral Travani Dal. She attend command school on the starbase and was officially assisted to be the Executive Assistant to the Admiral. In other words she was going to be Admiral’s Yeoman. This put her on fast track for promotion to first officer.

Life at Starfleet Academy, OFHQ Building.

Esmée new assignment with the Admiral, brought her daughter and her back to Earth. She was assigned to Starfleet Academy and worked with the Omega Fleet Headquarters Building. She was hesitant to come home, because of her parents, but how could she turn down the offer. This assignment would put her inline for a command of her own down the road.

Esmée wanted a promotion, but she was loyal to the Admiral. She was basically waiting for him to push her out the door, to that end she turned down two promotion opportunities, to stay where she was. It was not till the return of the USS Pioneer, a ship that had been declared missing in action, did she even think about promotion. And only only considered it after Admiral Dral, asked her to take the role of First Officer in 2389.

While stationed at the Academy Esmée’s family did not waste time reaching out to their daughter. They were thrilled to meet their 10 year old granddaughter and of course their daughter. It was a happy reunion. Which surprised Esmée. She thought they would have held a a big grudge. In a small way, Esmée did not want to leave the Admiral’s side because of her relationship with her family.

Relationship with Toby Carlsson

The relationship between Toby and Esmée was a complicated relationship, beyond a year in Starfleet Academy, they rarely got to see each other. They struggled for eight years to make their relationship work but in the end they both agreed to end it.

They had a daughter together by the name of Mila Lotte Haas-Carlsson. The two stay in contact and are civil towards each other. They both love each other, but they know they can not be together. Which really hurts Esmée cause she deeply cares for him. She gave almost a decade of her life to him.

Toby is a great guy, it’s why she fell in love with him. She even had a kid with him. And could never look at another guy. Not in the way she loved him. She still feels to this day that he was the one that got away. She wanted to be with him, and he wanted to be with her. But it appeared that Starfleet did not want them together.

There was a time when she thought about leaving to be with Toby. But she decided at the time she didn’t want to be moving Mila around the Galaxy at such a young age, now she wonders if that was a bad decision?

Especially after she heard about single children living on Starships, children like Naomi Wildman. Who are very successful and well-rounded children. When the opportunity came for Esmée to serve on a Starship as first officer, she took it.

Esmée always hoped that she would serve under Toby’s command, but his Starship was too far out in deep space at the moment. She took the assignment on the USS Pioneer the show Starfleet she was ready to serve in deep space and to Commander ship of her own someday.

Relationship with Rear Admiral Travani Dal

Before Esmée met the Admiral. She felt her career was not advancing. When he approached her to be his new yeoman, she jumped on the opportunity. It would also be the first time in nine years she would return home to Earth.

Travani Dral helped refocused her life, while she kept his schedules straight. Helped plan military strategies. It was a big change from science division to command division. She was up for the challenge.

She spent the next five years under his leadership. She learned about fleet leadership. Starship assignments and crew deployment’s. During her five year assignment, Esmée turned down two opportunities for advancement.

She considered Travani Dral to be a father figure to her. The Admiral took a vested interest in her. And she was appreciative of that. She valued everything he had taught her, and took those skills, with the goal one day, to command her own ship.

She did not feel it was yet time, and cause of her loyalty to Admiral Dral. She stayed under his command from 2385 through 2389. Part of her decision was based on the fact, she wanted Mila to have a stable life.

In 2389 Admiral Dral strongly suggested to her to take the first officer position on the USS Ark Royal . Which she took. She hoped she was ready. She had a little doubt at first. But she reminded herself the Admiral strongly suggested she took it.