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Profile Overview

Abril Hirano

Human Female

Character Information


Security Investigations Officer


Petty Officer 3rd Class


Abril Hirano is a native of Ursula Majoris 7, a Federation Colony that endured a period of occupation during the Cardassian Federation War.

Abril enlisted in Starfleet in 2382, attending Starfleet Technical Services Academy on Mars – specializing in Security Studies.

An intuitive Security Officer with a gift for lateral thinking – Petty Officer (3rd Class) Abril Hirano serves as a Security Investigations Officer.


Abril Hirano was born on the Federation colony world of Ursula Majoris 7 in 2364, during the closing stages of the bitter series of skirmishes that typified the Federation / Cardassian War. The only serving daughter of Ramon Hirano (an orbital cargo – dock operator) and Sia Hirano ( a med – tech), Abril’s earliest memories was of hardship and conflict under Cardassian occupation. The liberation of Ursula Majoris by Starfleet forces and the eventual establishment of the Neutral Zone made a lasting impression on young Abril – however the scars of war were scored deeply in the hearts of her fellow colonists and in particularly her Father – who lost Abril’s elder brother Herve during the occupation and harbored both a visceral hatred of the Cardassians and resentment towards the United Federation of Planets for their inaction.

When Ursula Majoris 7 was ceded back to the Cardassian Union by treaty and absorbed into the Neutral Zone, Ramon Hirano became an active member of the Marquis Resistance and was consigned to a Federation Penal Facility for his actions during the conflict.

When Abril announced her intention to enlist in Starfleet, her Father disowned his only daughter entirely and Abril still maintains a strained relationship with her Mother.

Nevertheless, that same single – minded determination and sense of purpose that typified Abril, were the same qualities that saw her persevere at Starfleet Academy and form an abiding sense of Justice and moral certitude.

Abril conducted her basic training and underwent Security Specialization Instruction at the Starfleet Technical Services Academy on Mars in 2382 at the age of 18. She graduated with the rank of Crewman Recruit on Stardate 2383 and was assigned as a Security Rating aboard the Sabre – Class Escort USS Erskine, operating within the Alpha Quadrant on patrol and anti – piracy interdiction duty.

Abril served aboard the USS Erskine with distinction, attaining the Rank of Crewman and serving as the ship’s Brig Officer.

On Stardate 2387, Abril Hirano was promoted to the Rank of Petty Officer 3rd Class and gained the opportunity to cross train in the advanced career specialization of Security Investigations Officer. She attended Starfleet Academy in San Francisco after bidding her crew-mates aboard the USS Erskine farewell.

Graduating as a fully fledged Security Investigations Officer in 2388, Petty Officer 3rd Class Abril Hirano is assigned to duty with Bravo fleet and transferred to duty with Taskforce 72.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2383 - 2388 Brig Officer USS Erskine