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Klingon Transgender

Character Information






B'rael, daughter of Leqqa



A veteran warrior who has worked her way from humble beq to the commander of a ship. Her lack of noble blood is still an issue to those born into their position.


Ghral was born into the industrial slums of Krennla. His mother was a factory worker. His father was a drifter and was killed during a tavern brawl. Growing up poor and without a father was very difficult. Ghral was frequently ostracized by both his classmates and teachers for his lack of a male lineage. Along with marginalization, he was also the frequent target of physical attacks. At twelve he dropped out of school to work in the factories.

Two years later relations with the Romulan Star Empire were deteriorating. The military was looking for crews to fill their ships out and he enlisted in the KDF. He was assigned to the IKS Qo’gh, an old D-7 cruiser. The first patrol was largely uneventful, the few Romulan ships scampered away rather than fight the Klingon cruiser.

Ghral had finally had enough living as a male. He requested for gender reassignment surgery when the Qo’gh was in port. After Ghral became B’rael, she joined up back with the Qo’gh.

The conflict with the Romulans was becoming more palpable. The Qo’gh was tasked for was to clear out a Romulan planetary defense installation. B’rael was assigned to the landing party to clear the weapons batteries. Her unit cleared the batteries and she proved her bravery.

The Qo’gh was involved in other battles and B’rael fought hard for her ship. Command took notice of her efforts and she was assigned to a boarding team. During the battle of Klach D’kel Brakt, she and the boarding party forced their way onto a Romulan D-7. The team captured the D-7’s bridge. Several of the boarding party had to return to the Qo’gh. A Reman boarding party from another Romulan ship were assaulting the main engineering on the Qo’gh. B’rael and her fellows killed several Remans but they had already set demolition charges. The Qo’gh was crippled with several casualties.

B’rael rescued the Qo’gh’s First officer from burning wreckage in main engineering. That officer was Korchoq, head of House Otlhoq. He was impressed by B’rael’s actions. He decided to sponsor her into his house. That was a major turning point for B’rael’s career.

While the Klingon Empire was victorious, there were severe losses in officers. B’rael was admitted into the Klingon Military Academy to help fill the dearth of trained officers. She studied the Navigator’s Course and passed the officer’s test. She also made her way to the pole on Rura Penthe, although she was severely frostbitten afterwards.

The IKS mul’hgav, a refitted D-7, was B’rael’s first assignment as a navigation officer. Her duty position was mostly as the ship’s shuttle pilot. She would only be on the bridge during the quiet hours shift. She did please her superiors and was promoted.

After her tour on the old D-7, B’rael was assigned to a newer craft, the IKS cho’qat. The D-2 ‘aw’ jat or Sting Tongue Destroyer was armed with four forward facing photon torpedo tubes. The ship had minimal defenses but had a powerful bite. The ability of the ship to maneuver was paramount. Navigation officers assigned to D-2s would have to be talented. B’rael shouldered her duty well. The cho’qat was involved in several skirmishes with Star Fleet vessels. Time and again B’rael found herself evading and dodging Star Fleet weapons.

B’rael found herself once more on a new Klingon class ship. This time it was the IKS QoHm, a D-18 destroyer. She didn’t have the firepower or speed of the cho’qat but made up for it in shields and a more robust superstructure. B’rael was initially assigned as Chief Navigation Officer and Second Officer. Half way through her tour the captain of the QoHm killed the first officer for insubordination. She was reassigned as the first officer and the captain was pleased with the job she did.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2269 - 2272 Marine IKS Qo'gh
2272 - 2274 Cadet Klingon Military Academy
2274 - 2276 Navigation Officer IKS mul'ghav
2276 - 2280 Navigation Officer IKS cho'qat
2280 - 2284 Chief Navigation Officer IKS cho'qat
2284 - 2288 First Officer IKS QoHm
2288 - 2288 Captain IKS bey veS