Profile Overview

Gabriel Albert West

Human Male

Character Description

Gabriel was born to David West who is the current Chief of Police of the New York Police Department and to Janet West a stay at home mom. He doesn’t have any brother or sister. He was born at his home on September 20th, 2330 at 12:01 AM EST.

During his early year, Gabe was raised by his mother since his father was full time police officer working twelve hour shift. Gabe’s mother was very protective of him due to the fact that he was their fifth attempt to have a child. He was raised to believe that everyone should be held accountable for their actions.

After graduation from High School, Gabriel took a few months to decide what he wanted to do before going to deciding to go to the attend Starfleet Academy and gaining a major in Security, while in the Academy he also attended night classes at the local community college to get a degree in Criminal Justice, as he felt that regardless of anything else he would get a degree that could help him if he ever left Starfleet.

In summer of 2351, he graduated from Starfleet Academy ranked 35th out of a class of 246, however he graduated from City College of San Francisco rank 75th out of 300 with a degree in Criminal Justice. After taking some time off to relax, Gabe was assigned to the USS Madden, a Sabre Class ship deployed along the Federation and Cardassian border. During the Dominion War, Gabe would remain on the Madden as the ship fought in several battle and during one of those battles, internal communication was lost forcing the Security detachment to fight a boarding party of Dominion warriors. It has been noted, by Lieutenant Commander Jason Winters that, Even after fighting a cramped and bloody fight, that this young man is the sanest man I have ever met.

After the end of the war and taking a short Leave of Absence from Starfleet, Gabe was reassigned to the USS Madden as Deputy Chief of Security mainly because he knew the ships and it protocols and also due to a personnel shortage after the war, when a lot of older officers retired, he would remain on the Madden until 2357 when he would be reassigned to Sena Penal Colony on Archer IV as the Deputy Executive Warden & Chief of Guards.

As the Deputy Executive Warden & Chief of Guards, Gabe was never one to turn away guards of the colony nor it prisoners. Starfleet Security was shocked that the prisoners respected the Lieutenant more than they did the Warden himself and it was never something big, but when one prisoner tried to start a riot, it was reported and the prisoner in question was moved from the general population.

In 2385, Commander Gabriel West was selected by the Chief of Starfleet Security and the Chief of the Penal Division to command the USS Hale which had been entirely refitted to suit a prison ship.

He was promoted to the rank of Commodore in 2386 after holding a temporary rank of Fleet Captain.

Character Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2387 - 2388 Commanding Officer Starbase 80
2385 - 2387 Commanding Officer USS Hale
2357 - 2385 Deputy Executive Warden & Chief of Guards Sena Penal Colony
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2351 - 2357 Security Officer USS Madden
2348 - 2351 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade

Character Summary

Commodore Gabriel West is currently the Commanding Officer of the Starbase Redemption and it attached ship, the USS Hale and also serving in the role of the Chief Warden Officer of the Federation Penal Division. He is a Human and has served in Starfleet since 2368.

Current Assignment