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Audrid Kane

El-Aurian/Trill Hybrid(Joined) Female

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Audrid Kane



Captain Audrid Kane is the current Commanding Officer of the USS Scorpio, before this assignment she served as the Executive Officer of Deep Space 11.


Audrid was born on February 2, 2339 as the daughter of an El-Aurian refugee(Yuriel Soran) and a Joined Trill scientist(Lela Roa). Shortly after her birth her father left Trill to never be heard from again. Abandoned by her father and with her mother spending almost all time on her work she was mostly taken care of in her early formative years by a friendly neighbour. When she became old enough to attend school it was clear that her mixed heritage was something that easily got noticed by the other children. While the school prevented outright bullying she did not manage to make any friends and felt lonely both at school and at home with the only moments of relief being when her neighbour was around. Matters made another turn for the worse as she started developing limited empathetic abilities at age six. With no one that had similar experiences in her environment and with a fairly good idea of what people truly thought of her the isolation only further increased and she felt like she was the only one in the world. During this time her mother remained focus on scientific work and spent months away from home at a time. Following a fight with her mother and coming to the realization that there truly was no place for her at home or even on Trill she ran away at age 11. After spending weeks on the streets she was discovered by a human man named Jake who was on the planet for some trades. Taking pity of Audrid Jake offered her some food and something to drink and after hearing her story a place on his ship. It was no place for a child but at least it was better than the streets he thought. Audrid gladly accepted the offer and accompanied Jake back to his ship, saying goodbye to Trill for well over a decade in the process.

Back on the ship, the Marauding Hawk, she was introduced to a large and diverse group. Men, women of all ages and perhaps more importantly all species. The group easily numbered two dozen. Rather than rejecting her they welcomed Audrid, not only with words but thoughts as well as she could sense no negative emotions concerning her at all. As soon as the ship was away it became clear to her they were not normal traders. The ship followed few of the basic protocols and tried to get away from Federation space relatively fast. This was only confirmed when after encountering another ship green men came aboard. At school she had learned all about the Orions and most importantly the Orion Syndicate. It didn’t matter to her however, it was the first time in her life she felt truly at home. Being protected by Jake and looked after by the others on the crew for the next four years Audrid would mostly read books and learn things from others on the ship. From the medic she learned basic medicine, from a few of the ‘security guards’ she learned how to work with weapons and perhaps most importantly from a Vulcan how to control her abilities. While the fact she wasn’t a full El-Aurian did make her powers much weaker they were still strong enough to make her crazy at times until she learned to block them out most of the time. Once she was fifteen Jake would recruit her for the first assignment. The Marauding Hawk had a contract to raid a transport ship, on its own the ship was too strong to be overtaken however if they managed to distract them first it would be possible. The plan was for Jake to go to the ship under the guise of wanting to trade but they needed someone to anticipate the actions of those on the other side of the table. The Vulcan was too risky as he would instantly be recognized for his abilities however the Trill spots would allow Audrid to hide her abilities as as far as the target could tell she was only a Trill. As such the decision was made for Audrid to join Jake. As soon as the first operation was a success she would be used in this role many times more, when there was no need for her empathetic abilities she would take care of wounded back on the ship. Things went well over the following six years however everything was going to change after Jake died in a smuggling run near the Klingon border.

With the protection he provided gone someone else from the Syndicate took over and he didn’t share Jake’s principles when it cames to the more severe contracts and felt even less for sparing members of the crew. The Syndicate had taken a contract for the assassination of a high ranking Federation ambassador. A Trill by the name of Deilas Kane who was negotiating a treaty between two rival planets just over the Federation borders. Audrid, who had never before in her life been involved in the actual violent stages of a raid, was now instructed to kill someone in cold blood. It was an order she did not want to execute despite her dislike for the Federation. After it being made clear though that she was to either follow the orders or be disposed of she decided to go with the former. The plan was simple, after negotiations the ambassador would always go to a local bar, while usually he had a security detail with him it was that moment of the day where he was unprotected as an inside source had leaked he had the tendency to ditch the security detail during his personal time. Audrid was to sit next to the man and subtly manage to poison his drink. As soon as she was given the vial and transported down she went on her way to the bar. Her doubts remained strong however she knew perfectly well what happened to people who refused the Syndicate. Once inside the bar she recognized the ambassador from the pictures and made an approach. Once the time came to strike however she froze and couldn’t go through with it. This would only grow worse as the man engaged her in conversation, most likely believing she was a Trill just like him. Once it became truly clear to her who she was dealing with she dropped the vial while already in her mind planning a way to get out. It was then that she noticed an Orion a few tables from the bar standing up and making the approach. As there were doubts about her loyalty a second assassin had been sent in case Audrid was unable to go through with it. Acting on instinct she moved to get Deilas away however before she was able to the Orion had already shot at him. Before the Orion could finish the job Audrid managed to pull the ambassador away and others had stepped in to disarm the assassin. Among the patrons was a doctor and together with him Audrid would drag the ambassador to a clinic close to the bar. All attempts were made however the damage was simply too significant. If treatment was continued there was a significant chance the symbiont would also have died. The decision was made by the doctor to halt treatment and remove the symbiont. With no other Trill on the fairly remote planet there was only one candidate. Her mixed heritage made her anything but ideal however she was simply the best they had so the Kane symbiont was transferred to her after which Deilas passed away quickly.

Audrid had never expected to be joined with a symbiont and didn’t quite understand much about the process, added to that she hadn’t been prepared and the doctor had never treated a Trill before, let alone guided one through the post-joining effects and there were of course the genetic incompatibilities as well as different personalities. For the first few weeks following the joining it was almost like there was a kind of war inside her head, between the person she was before and the one she was after. She didn’t have much time to work it all out however as she was now a person of interest of the Federation and a fugitive for the Orion Syndicate. With no real way out she opted for the side least likely to shoot her on the spot, the Federation. After giving up the location of the ambassador’s body she was detained and questioned by the Federation. Her statement and lifestory as well as eyewitness testimony from the bar and the doctor that she had tried to save him resulted in no criminal charges being filed however there was still the matter of the symbiont. More than 48 hours had since passed so removal would most certainly kill the host and the symbiont itself was not quite in a state that survival following removal was guaranteed. She would be taken back to Trill where the symbiosis commission guided her through the initial stages but this was a situation quite unfamiliar to the Commission as well.

Audrid’s mother by now worked for the Symbiosis Commission and unlike before Audrid ran away was very much interested in her daughter. In many ways the return to her mother and learning of her experiences following the joining made it all easier to cope with however there was still the underlying guilt about her involvement in the death of the previous host as well as the conflict between the two persons she had become. The process to cope with it all took years and only way completed as she underwent a Zhian’tara at age 25. Once it had provided some form of closure she was finally mostly at peace with the past.

In perhaps one of the most unexpected twists ever the renegade, who had essentially been raised by a pirate and hated everything that resembled organized government, applied for Starfleet. Considering her childhood as well as the fact that she had never committed a violent act and with friends of the late Ambassador interjecting on her behalf she was accepted. Despite clashing often with instructors she managed to make it through the Academy and focused on the Security path. Upon graduation she was assigned to the USS Trafalgar, a Steamrunner patrolling along the Federation-Klingon border. Being well aware of her history the Security Chief took special notice of Audrid and the two would often clash however as Audrid always managed to maintain her cool the Chief never had grounds to take disciplinary action. Audrid knew fully well there were going to be people who believed she wasn’t worthy of the uniform. In 2372 the Trafalgar would be one of the first targets in the Federation-Klingon War. Despite fighting valiantly the ship was no match for the superior Klingon attack and barely managed to evacuate its crew before being destroyed. With ground forces being in short supply Audrid was reassigned to a ground combat role to hold several Federation planets against Klingon invasions. Her field commander would praise her for her dedication to fighting the Klingons. For her it was more than just fighting an enemy of the Federation, she was also getting revenge for the death of the man who had become a father to her. After the Khitomer Accords were re-signed Audrid was once again assigned to a ship. The USS Pioneer, a Galaxy class vessel. By now it was clear to almost everyone there would be a war against the Dominion soon. The Pioneer had been assigned to the defence of Earth so not many aboard, including Audrid, expected any real combat and for the initial stages of the war this was the case. The Pioneer would be eventually assigned to participate in Operation Return in which it fought effectively and managed to make it out mostly in one piece. The victory was a great one however Audrid would not have much time to celebrate. Starfleet Intelligence had been watching her for several years now and with the discovery that the Dominion were interacting with the Orion Syndicate needed additional operatives inside the organization. As such she was essentially drafted into Intelligence and ordered to reach out to former friends and find a way back inside the organization. While the return to the Syndicate was difficult she drew great strength from the experiences of the Kane symbiont and relied on those to maintain her moral compass. Her former friends were doubtful at first but eventually would allow her in again. She managed to relay information back home however when discovery became more and more likely she was pulled back in 2375 and reassigned to AR-558 as it was deemed a frontline engagement would be safer for her. There she defended the outpost against constant Dominion attacks and participated in the prolonged battle which had become known as the Siege of AR-558. Many of her fellow officers and even friends died there and she was one of the few survivors to still be alive once reinforcements came. For her role in the battle and in general in the war so far she was promoted to Lieutenant JG and reassigned to the USS Pioneer where she had started the war. The ship would participate in the Battle of Cardassia. With the enormous numbers of ships involved on both sides it was clear that it would not be an easy victory however Audrid was fully ready to die for what she believed in and prepared for ground assault on Cardassia Prime if need be. To her surprise however the final battle ended suddenly and it seemed the war had finally been won. Now they could truly celebrate.

Following the war she remained aboard the USS Pioneer for three years however she was then once again reassigned to Starfleet Intelligence for several assignments inside and outside of Federation space where her particular experiences were needed. In 2382 she was promoted to full Lieutenant and assigned as Assistant Chief Security Officer on the USS Sovereign where she would serve for the next six years. In 2388 she was reassigned to the USS Solstice as Chief Security/Tactical Officer. She served on the ship for several months until she was unexpectedly called back by Starfleet Command and assigned to the USS Nogura as Executive Officer.

While operating under the guise of a regular assignment, in reality Audrid had been assigned to the USS Nogura and inside the Task Force 9 command structure by Starfleet Intelligence to identify how deep a new threat truly went, the threat of the Consortium. To her own surprise the investigation came to a forced conclusion much earlier as mere days after assuming her post, the Consortium made their move in what became known as The Event. On the Nogura specifically the very Commanding Officer, Nathan Hunter, was leader of the Consortium cell and made his move against the remaining members of the crew that were still loyal to Starfleet. Having evaded initial capture, Audrid aided in the restoration of Starfleet control over the Nogura and saw to its return to Starbase Unity where the forces under then Commodore Scarlet Cameron had rallied to lead the resistance against the Consortium forces throughout the quadrant. Permanently assigned to the Nogura as Executive Officer, Audrid participated in several strikes to rally enough forces. Their efforts culminated in the Battle of Idran to regain control of the wormhole and allow entry of Starfleet reinforcements from the Alpha Quadrant.

Following the battle, the Nogura was reassigned to the Delta Quadrant whereas Audrid was recruited by the new Task Force Commanding Officer Vice Admiral Archer to work within Starfleet Intelligence to track and act against Consortium remnants throughout the Quadrant. After several months she was again assigned as Executive Officer to the new USS Nogura and after several weeks to Deep Space 11 with a promotion to Captain. Audrid continued to serve on Deep Space 11 until she was given command of the USS Scorpio.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2366 - 2367 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2367 - 2368 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2368 - 2369 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2369 - 2370 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2370 - 2372 Security Officer USS Trafalgar
2372 - 2373 Security Officer Various Planets
2373 - 2374 Security Officer USS Pioneer
2374 - 2375 Classified Starfleet Intelligence
2375 - 2375 Security Officer AR-558
2375 - 2378 Security Officer USS Pioneer
2378 - 2382 Classified Starfleet Intelligence
2382 - 2388 Assistant Chief Security Officer USS Sovereign
2388 - 2388 Chief Security/Tactical Officer USS Solstice
2388 - 2388 Executive Officer USS Nogura
2388 - 2388 Executive Officer USS Nogura
2388 - 2388 Classified Starfleet Intelligence
2388 - 2388 Executive Officer USS Solaria
2388 - 2389 Executive Officer USS Nogura
2389 - 2389 Executive Officer Deep Space 11
2389 - Present Commanding Officer USS Scorpio