Delta Exploration Initiative


Vice Admiral Jonathan Knox

Reserved and polite, Knox is the model of a Starfleet admiral. After spending nearly twenty years commanding starships, he reluctantly accepted promotion and has a reputation for being down-to-earth, practical, and concerned chiefly with the welfare of the people under his command.

Played by David

Fleet Captain T'Vel
Deputy Director

A product of both of her parents’ races, T’Vel was raised as a true Vulcan on their homeworld, wholly entrenched within the teachings of Surak and logic under her traditional mother. However, she has since abandoned embracing these ways in their entirety and has tried to loosen her emotional control to be in touch with her Bajoran side.

As a commander, T'Vel expects officers to serve with precision and competence, sometimes not as forgiving as some feel she should be when concerning their duties, but will typically concede to judgements superior to her own, although she does not prize experience over logic. Despite her often stern character, T'Vel has a compassionate nature and the traditional yearning for exploration found amongst Starfleet officers.

Played by Christopher

Commodore Matt Cody
Task Force Executive Officer

Matt Cody is a people person and a diplomat, genuinely wanting to learn more about people, cultures and alien races. Cody’s innate skill involves understanding a person’s interests, motivations, family details and history which in turn gives him a truly perceptive insight into an individual’s personality and what makes them tick. His recent promotion to Commodore has torn him away from his beloved starship centre seat but provides him with the opportunity to improve situations within his new sphere of influence.

Played by Mark

Commodore Staho Veila
Command Judge-Advocate

Staho Veila is a career judge-advocate and has served since the 2370s on starbases throughout the Federation. She is measured, calm, and eminently fair. As the Command Judge-Advocate for the Delta Exploration Initiative and Task Force 38, she is the most senior JAG officer with jurisdiction over the Delta Quadrant. Her primary duties, beyond ensuring that courts-martial proceed as they should, is consulting with the TFCO on any legal matters related to Task Force operations.

Played by David

Commodore Linda Stanton-Knox
Starfleet Medical Liaison

Played by David

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Ambassador T'Sel
Federation Diplomatic Corps Liaison

Played by David

Captain Marcus Bancroft
Chief of Staff

Marcus Bancroft is Admiral Knox's Chief of Staff. He manages the staff officers in the Delta Exploration Initiative--including some who outrank him--along with the admiral's schedule and other logistical matters. It's his job to anticipate what Knox will need before the admiral even knows that he needs it. He is preternaturally advanced in rank for a 30-year-old, but he carries himself with the authority of someone much older. He is taciturn, uptight, and thoroughly professional.

Played by David

Commander Zosyor Imiam
Strategic Operations Officer

Zosyor is an experienced tactician and officer. She is highly focused on the defense of the Federation and prefers tactical solutions to diplomatic ones. Her function in the Delta Exploration Initiative is to develop tactical policy for vessels operating in the Delta Quadrant, while also liaising between Starfleet Intelligence, Starfleet Security, and Starfleet Tactical to help the command staff make operational decisions.

Played by David

Commander Noah Slater
Starfleet Corps of Engineers Liaison

Noah Slater is a brilliant engineer, but he's not really a people person. It's not that he doesn't like them, he's just not really aware of them most of the time. His primary function is to examine new technology encountered in the Delta Quadrant and to coordinate with the Starfleet Corps of Engineers to build anything that might be needed for the Delta Exploration Initiative.

Played by David

Captain Thimaa
Starfleet Science Liaison

Thimaa is one of the most decorated exologists in the Federation and has developed several new techniques for cataloging and examining alien species and phenomena. She has served most of her career on starbases and has command rank, though she has not commanded a starship. Her responsibility is collating and auditing the scientific data being sent back through the wormhole, making sure that it gets to the appropriate teams and that TF38 ships are following proper protocol.

Played by David